Sports Park and other sanctioned city parks are currently OPEN to all scheduled AYSO practices and games. Have fun!

2019 Fall Season Registration is currently OPEN. Follow this link for registration information.


How to Avoid Second Helpings

Sometimes when I’m eating meals with other people, I’ll notice someone who seems to enjoy the second helping of food almost more than the first. It’s almost as if they rush through the first plateful with the sole purpose of going back to pile it on all over again…

Spring Development League 2012 What you need to know

Pass Area AYSO Region 641 is proud to build on the success of the first season of Spring Development League soccer played during Spring 2012. In the 2013 season the program will change its name to Coed League but the best-loved aspects of the program will remain the same.

Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Recipe

Valentine’s Day is usually about hearts, candy and flowers. However, here’s another way to show everyone that you’ve got a heart of gold; you can prepare a delicious meal featuring heart-healthy foods. Check out the video

Healthy Sweet Cravings

Healthy Sweet Cravings Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD Most of us have those moments when we crave something sweet, and one of the most common suggestions you’ll hear is to reach for a piece of fruit. It’s a great strategy, and the natural sweetness of delicious fresh fruit often can satisfy your sweet tooth. But … Continued

3 Reasons Not to Include Names on AYSO Uniforms

If your Region is holding a spring season, it’s time to order uniforms! Before you do, remember these three reasons player names do not go on the back of AYSO uniforms: Follow the rules. Per AYSO’s Rules & Regulations (page 8, item E), “no AYSO uniform may bear a team member’s name, or team name…” … Continued

2012 Area Tournament Information

Welcome to the 2012 Area N Tournament. This event brings together AYSO teams from the 6 Regions that make up Area N. We hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable Tournament this year. This year’s Tournament will be hosted by Pass Area AYSO Region 641 and Redlands Region 50. Tournament Dates: [fancy_list style=”bullet_list” … Continued