2018 Spring Registration is currently OPEN. Follow this link for registration information.

Sports Park is currently OPEN to all AYSO activities. Have fun!


Fun warm-up game “Hunters and Hunted”

CATZCoach Founder and AYSO coach Jim Liston shares his fun warm-up game, “Hunters and Hunted.” this warm-up game is a great way to get your players prepared for a productive practice. Click to watch the video.

Spring Select 2012 Season Opening Day

Pass Area AYSO – Region 641 2012 Spring Select season opening day at the Sports Park in Beaumont with an all-time high participation of 10 teams. We wish all of our teams the best of luck for this season. Click here to learn more about Spring Select.

How to Eat Well on the Weekends

Weekends are tough times for people watching what they eat. After a busy work week, it’s natural to want to relax and enjoy ourselves, learn more and watch the video.

AYSO Region Rescued With Generous Donation

AYSO Region 538 in Phelan, Calif., had all of their soccer equipment stolen from their storage trailer last week. The stolen equipment, which included all of their goals, nets and game balls, meant that the Region and its 700 players would likely not have a soccer season this spring.

Fun Shooting Exercise

Try this Fun Shooting Exercise, explained by CATZCoach Program Designer and former Major League Soccer star Greg Vanney. A simple shooting exercise that’s great for getting your players accustomed to taking shots on goal. Watch the video.

Three Steps to Smarter Snacking

Spend some time around kids, or your household pets, and you’ll see that frequent grazing is a pretty natural way to eat over the course of the day. Healthy snacking serves a couple of purposes… Watch the video.