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2018 Spring League Update and What’s Going on Now

As our 2018 Spring Development League opening day approaches, below is a much anticipated league status update.

First, we’re pleased to report this year’s Spring League experienced a 40% increase in registrations; and while this is great and exciting news to all of us, our volunteer requirements have also exceptionally increased. Our region is a 100% volunteer-based organization and limited by the support and involvement of volunteer parents and guardians.

Currently, all of our board members are working hard towards getting the season started and our division coordinators are working on finalizing coach recruiting throughout all divisions. Most teams have a head coach assigned and coaches are currently contacting players on their teams. Please thank those parents that have stepped up to coach your child.

The coach call-by date is this Friday, March 9th. This is the deadline for coaches to contact their players; as well as the regional deadline for all teams to have an assigned head coach. If teams do not have a coach by this date, the region will notify all parents with additional information on refunds.

So, what’s happening now:

  • Head coaches are receiving their rosters and contacting players.
  • Uniform pickup by coaches is ongoing.
  • Schedules are being finalized and will be published by Thursday night (note that these will need to be adjusted if teams are to be disbanded.)
  • The coach call-by date is this Friday, March 9th.
  • Season opening day is this Saturday, March 10th, which will include the first development game and pictures. Picture times will be provided by the head coach.

Thank you for being part of our 2018 Spring Development League and we look forward seeing you on Saturday at opening day!