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Region Announcements

2016 U10, U12 & U14 Area Tournament Winners



Big Congratulations to all teams in U10, U12 and U14 that are moving to the Area Tournament.

This event brings together AYSO teams from the Regions that make up Area 1N.

Area 1N Tournament will be on January 14 & 15 in Hemet and January 21 & 22 in Redlands. Detailed tournament information will be made available soon via the head coaches.

The teams moving to the Area 1N Tournament from the 2016 Fall Season are:

U10 Boys:
1st: U10B-06 – Strikers – Coach: A. Lerma
2nd: U10B-12 – The Cautions – Coach: R. Richards
3rd: U10B-07 – Quakes – Coach: T. Hearon

U10 Girls:
1st: U10G-11 – Ball Blasters – Coach: M. Miller
2nd: U10G-12 – Killer Bees – Coach: J. Buley

U12 Boys:
1st: U12B-04 – Kings – Coach: T. Hearon
2nd: U12B-07 – Annihilators – Coach: C. Baron

U12 Girls:
1st: U12G-05 – Triple Threat – Coach: T. Oldenburg
2nd: U12G-04 – Viperettes – Coach: N. Macias

U14 Boys:
1st: U14B-02 – FC Beaumont – Coach: D. Diez
2nd: U14B-01 – Beaumont FC – Coach: D. Diez

U14 Girls
1st: U14G-01 Revolution Coach: S. Olvera
2nd: U14G-04 Coach: R. Bogh
3rd: U14G-02 Misfits Coach: J. Quintana

We wish all participants a safe and enjoyable Championship while representing us all!