Sports Park and other sanctioned city parks are currently OPEN to all scheduled AYSO practices and games. Have fun!

Volunteer Assignments

As a 100% volunteer region, it is necessary that each team, from U6 to U19, assists with fields striping, preparation and take-down of the fields and equipment at the park. Therefore, it is required that each team provides with 5 volunteers during the season (10 weeks) for 3 specific tasks:

  • Fields striping – All needed fields for all Saturday games have to be striped every Friday at 8AM. This takes about an hour to complete.
  • Fields setup – Every Saturday morning, starting at 7AM, we need to pull out all of the equipment needed to setup the park, as well as to setup the regional tents and other related items.
  • Fields take-down – After each game day, at 2PM, we need to take-down and bring back to the containers all the equipment, tents and other gear.

Each team needs to select at least ONE striping, ONE setup and ONE take-down assignment during the season. We need a total of 7 volunteers on Fridays and 4 on Saturdays for each task. Teams can earn a maximum of 2 points per task per day.

Head coaches need to communicate of these requirements to her/his team and need to reserve these 5 spots by using the form below. This is the only acceptable booking system and volunteer points will not be awarded if this system is not used.

Thank you for your support.
October 2018
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